The Spiritual Logic of the Single Paradigm

A 6-part video series that explores in-depth how the logic of the 3P Single Paradigm reveals a deeply spiritual understanding of your experience of life.

An Online Video Series with Annika Hurwitt

This Video Series is for people wanting to learn how the Single Paradigm helps you understand and become more aligned with the spiritual nature of the Three Principles.

Session One: The Three Principles:
Unraveling the Mystery of Mental and Spiritual Health

Session Two: The Single Paradigm:
Our Divine Blueprint for Mental Health and Spiritual Evolution

Session Three: Finding The Bridge: 
The Spiritual Logic that Leads to More Effortless Alignment with the Three Principles

Session Four:
Awakening to the Divine in Your Psychological Life

Session Five: Implications of the Single Paradigm:
Mental Clarity, Compassion, Connection with Others, and Effortless Mental Presence

Session Six: The Oneness Revealed: 
Experiencing The Unification of All Things

Price: $197

About Your Presenter

Formerly a psychotherapist, Annika Hurwitt, Ph.D., met Sydney Banks in 1990, which transformed her life. Since then, Annika has been teaching the Three Principles. She coaches leaders, individuals, and couples, and trains and mentors practitioners. Annika lives in Temple, NH with her daughter, Rhianna.

Price: $197