Resilient Women Leaders in Challenging Times

A 4-Part Video Series on how a simple but profound understanding of the mind leads to resiliency in leadership and the particular strengths and challenges that women leaders face with Annika Hurwitt, Chantal Burns, Sandy Krot and Cheryl Bond.

Being a leader takes mental clarity, confidence, resiliency and grit; all the more so if you’re a woman. Come hear four women with decades of experience in leadership coaching talk about what it takes to be a resilient woman leader in challenging times.

A foundational understanding of the mind that allows leadership to develop from the inside out

with Cheryl Bond

The power of presence and mental clarity in leadership

with Chantal Burns

How mental presence leads to insightful decision making

with Sandy Krot

Being a resilient woman leader in challenging times

with Annika Hurwitt

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About Your Presenters

Annika Hurwitt, Ph.D. is an international speaker and coach. She teaches a fundamental understanding of the mind that leads to natural mental presence, mental clarity, and unconditional confidence. Annika coaches leaders, individuals, couples and teens, and has focused on empowering women leaders since 2005. She lives with her daughter, Rhianna, in Temple NH. You can find Annika at: as well as

Cheryl Bond is an accomplished learning and organizational development professional with over 20 years’ experience that spans a variety of corporate cultures, including a pioneering high technology organization, a large international law firm, and a Fortune 100 insurance provider. She established Essential Resilience in 2012 to devote all of her energy to a principle-based approach for increasing individual and organizational resilience and well-being. Cheryl is an associate with Camden Consulting Group in Boston, is on the faculty for the Conscious Leadership School, an international 9-month leadership program, and is an associate consultant with Insight Principles, Inc. in  Lexington, Massachusetts. She lives in southern New Hampshire with her husband and two dogs.

Sandy Krot’s vision is to make the workplace a setting for creative performance as well as the elevation of the human spirit. She is a pioneer in translating a principled understanding of human thought to leadership and organizational effectiveness. The early years of her career were dedicated to counseling and human development. She is certified by the Three Principles Foundation to teach the Three Principles as discovered and taught by Sydney Banks. The focus of her work today is with Fortune 100 executives, leadership teams, and working groups helping them achieve extraordinary results by unleashing the power of the human mind. She works with the consulting group Insight Principles, Inc. and coauthored with Ken Manning and Robin Charbit, Invisible Power: Insight Principles at Work. Sandy shares her life with her partner Peter Remick, together they built their net-zero-energy home in northwest Washington. They get out into the awesome Pacific Northwest wilderness as often as they can sea kayaking, hiking, and backpacking with their dog.

Chantal Burns is an international state of mind and leadership coach and consultant with 25+ year’s experience working with multinational organizations. She’s the author of the bestselling book Instant Motivation: The surprising truth behind what drives top performance published by Pearson. Chantal specializes in showing leaders and  organizations how to increase mental clarity and resilience (as the foundation for performance) through understanding the inside-out operating principles behind the mind. She’s worked with many companies across public and private sectors and has the ability to get to the heart of an issue fast. She pioneered this education in Japan and is founder of the Conscious Leadership School.

Special Offer: Purchase before 9/1 and get special access to a Q and A webinar with Annika Live on Tuesday October 1st at 2 PM EST!

Price: $197